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How the Light Gets In

“How the Light Gets In” comes from a line in the late great singer, Leonard Cohen’s song called Anthem. “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” I have always been inspired by light flowing through spaces and spent many hours listening to Leonard Cohen’s songs when I was growing up and I think the name suits this little collection well!

This offer also kind of grew up around the Heart in Heart charm design which was inspired by a line from a poem by E.E. Cummings. “I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart)”You can see the full poem on the Poetry Foundation’s site here:

I Carry Your Heart With Me (I Carry It In)

Most of the names in this offer were inspired by poetry or verse. The offer was made Monday November 20th 2017 in the Official Offers section on this site.

Canopy and Creek

Canopy & Creek is inspired by the calm and cool feeling of walking under trees and near flowing water. The piece were made as Summer of 2017 came to a close and a heat wave passed through California where all of the Lullaby Links are made.


The Beachcomber Offer kind of came about on a whim! Limonata came about from a happy little accident and then Francie was inspired by the members of the Lullaby Links Chatter group on Facebook to make jellyfish. The shells (Pinctada) tie together the lemon soda (Limonata) that one might enjoy on the beach while combing for shells and their home is in the water where jellyfish (Aurelia) drift. The offer came together quickly in the Summer of 2017.


The name Geons was suggested on the Lullaby Links Facebook page. It’s a psychological term that describes shape recognition. This offer grew around the Pattern Blocks design and is inspired by Francie’s experiences as an autistic kid. All of the shapes in this offer are related to those experiences and special attention was given to the sensory experience of each. Some of the pieces have a rough texture that is a little scaly to touch and polishes up with touch.


The name Nesting is another that was suggested on the Lullaby Links Facebook page. It perfectly fits the offer made up of cute eggs and the Lullaby Links classic, Seed and Petal. Seed and Petal is a symbol of pregnancy and birth. This offer was made in the Spring of 2017.

Love Love Me Dew

The Love Me Dew offer was inspired by the first flowers of early Spring. The offer name and one of the fan favorite pieces from the offer were a play on the Beatles song, Love Me Do.

Winter’s Glow

The 2016 winter offer was full of visual reminders of of light and warmth through wintertime.

Branching Out

The 2016 fall offer.

Aloft, Lifted & Alight

The 2016 summer offer.

Little Linky Earrings

The 2016 summer offer.

Leap Into Spring

The 2016 spring offer.

Charming Winter

The 2015 winter offer.

Falling for Links

The 2015 fall offer.

End of Summer

The 2015 summer offer.