Lullaby Links | Canopy & Creek Offer Opening this Friday!
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Canopy & Creek Offer Opening this Friday!

29 Aug Canopy & Creek Offer Opening this Friday!

I’ll post all the pieces that will be in the Official Offer later today or tomorrow with prices and details on each design. For now, let’s talk about the different chains!

This offer has been a long time coming and I’m excited to include the first official offer of Front Clasping All in Ones (FCAiO). The FCAiO option in this batch will be made with cute little elephant clasps and the chain will be permanently attached by looping around the centerpiece on one side. The cute little elephants will clasp right into the centerpiece on the other side for a complete necklace All in One piece!

The organic shapes in this piece symbolize rocks or boulders in a stream or creek. The heart has a rough texture to give the feeling of a tree root. The design is called rolling rocks and will be available as shown with a silver heart root or with a 24k gold heart root.

It can also be worn with any of the Lullaby Links connection chains such as the Wheat Convertible Connection Chain (WCCC) (shown below) which doubles around the centerpiece on both sides and clasps in back or can be worn long with one or two clasps on the centerpiece. The WCCC is available in two lengths 31″ and 33″. The WCCC31 (previously misnamed WCCC30) doubles back and clasps can be attached for an overall chain length of 15-17″ along a horizontal extender. The WCCC33 doubles back and clasps can be attached for an overall chain length of 17-19″ along a horizontal extender. The Convertible Connection Chain is a Lullaby Links original design that was made with maximal flexibility in mind.

All the Connection Chain lengths are added to centerpiece lengths and a la carte centerpieces can be worn various ways. The connections chains are all interchangeable and can be worn with as many centerpieces as you have in your Lullaby Links collection.

This offer will also have a Sterling Connection Chain 18″ (SCC18) that is a simple lightweight open link chain with two small oval clasps attached on either side. The clasps can be clipped directly to the centerpieces (as shown below) or strung through and clipped back into the chain they’re connected to.

The below piece is called Rock You and is one of three versions that will come with 1,2 or 3 pebbles.

The final chain is pictured below with a design that will not likely make it into the Official Offer. The chain is a Ready-Made Argentium Chain 18″ (RMAC18). I sourced this chain ready-made so that I could offer an inexpensive chain that requires no hand assembly in house. All of the Connection Chains are cut to size and hand assembled using American made chains and American or Italian made clasps. The RMAC are made in an American factory and are similar to the chains most department stores offer with a tiny singular clasp. They can be strung through links to wear clustered or vertical and are best suited to smaller pieces like the piece shown below which is inspired by a Grandis eucalyptus leaf and seedpod. The design is called Gone to Seed.

If you’d like to weigh in on what’s offered head over to the Lullaby Links Facebook page and post a list of your favorite designs from the full album in the album comments.

Stay cool in these last days of summer and don’t forget to check back here for more details on Friday’s opening!!

💕 francie 💕