Lullaby Links | Canopy & Creek Offer Opening Next Week!!
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Canopy & Creek Offer Opening Next Week!!

24 Aug Canopy & Creek Offer Opening Next Week!!

This will be our second Official Offer here. The first offer went so well that we plan to do an almost exact repeat. You can scroll through the posts to see how the Beachcomber Offer was rolled out.

The first pieces I made for this order are inspired by two species of the same family that is growing in abundance in the park near my home. Can anyone guess what it is?

That one ^^ may be a little less obvious but perhaps this next one will give you a better idea of the family.

Still no? Maybe this fuzzy little seed pod will clue you in!

And the family is… Eucalyptus!!

I've got a few more leaf styles coming and at two rocks in the works as well! I'll keep posting here and on the Lullaby Links Facebook page in the next few days and prices will go up at least a day if not a few before the order.

Happy almost fall, y'all!