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About Us

My love for jewelry started with found treasures. I collected tiny semiprecious pebbles on a local beach and found discarded coppers wires from the telephone company that I peeled the rubber coating off of. When my first child was born jewelry had become a huge part of my identity. My daughter broke so many necklaces in the first few months of her life. I set out to make one that was strong enough that I could wear it while caring for her and wouldn’t be ruined if I absentmindedly stepped into the shower while wearing it. I made the first set of links that held up in 2010 (the year she was born).
I wore the same two sets of links with several different chain styles for two or three years before coming up with a simpler design I could easily reproduce myself in the tiny dinette that became my makeshift office. I posted some pictures that a friend had taken in a local parenting group and orders started pouring in. I quickly incorporated Lullaby Links and nearly five years later I have made several thousands sets of links and shipped them to homes all over the world.
I did not expect the links to have a soothing effect on my daughter or I when I initially started making them. I just wanted her to have something other than my nose to tug on and to be able to wear jewelry again. In the first five years of offering Lullaby Links I heard over and over again how the jewelry was not only soothing to the littles ones playing with them in the arms of their caregivers but also the adults wearing them! I have always personally sought out things with different textures and sensations to sooth my own nerves but I had no idea how common that was among other adults and children.
In 2017 (just before the 5 year anniversary of Lullaby Links) I decided to broaden the focus of the business from caregivers to people of all ages and all neurotypes. I changed the Lullaby Links slogan from “Precious Metal Jewelry for Wear with Babies” to “Precious Metal Jewelry for Soothing Your Senses” to reflect that and went about making the ordering process more user friendly to accommodate more people.
Official Offers happen every 1-3 months. An album is posted with pictures either on the Lullaby Links Facebook page or in the gallery on the website which will be shared to the Facebook page and Lullaby Links Chatter group as well as Instagram for the best possible visibility. The pictures usually load first and then we sometimes welcome names if we haven’t come up with names we are truly set on. The prices are added at least one day in advance of opening. The offer openings are pretty casual and unceremonious. We just post a link to a google form that has all the names and prices of the pieces offered both in the Official Offers section of the website and on social media platforms. The form stays open for 12-24 hours. Once we have closed it we remove any duplicates or incomplete entries and draw as many pieces as I can make in the alotted amount of time. The timeframe is usually 3-6 weeks from the invoice due date and invoices are either due in 48 hours or the following Monday if they occur on a Friday.
Lullaby Links can also be sold and purchased second hand in the Linklette Coop group on Facebook. You can also join the Lullaby Links Chatter to get to know the community that has formed around Lullaby Links over the past five years. The Lullaby Links admins; Micah Woodbury and Onyx Moore help me to keep the chatter group a warm and welcoming space. We would love to get to know you and see how you are using your Lullaby Links or hear why you’d like to have some there.
Thank you for reading my story!
💕 Francie