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About Us

I started this company in early 2012 to sell metal jewelry that is both real jewelry and durable enough to wear with babies. The jewelry also provides a soothing distraction for littles while nursing or just being held close. I made my first set in 2010 when my oldest was little and I tested them for two years before selling in small batches to local moms. I am now selling worldwide and the market has expanded rapidly. I am proud to see families bonding with my creations, as well as little ones growing big and still staying close.


Both my kids jingle the links when I pick them up after they’ve had a fall or when they just need a snuggle. The sound is so sweet and the closeness is too. Some day sooner than I can even imagine they won’t need the same kind of comfort from me but I will always keep the necklaces I made and wore during these times and remember them fondly.


♥ Francie